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WOD-July 6-2015

Don't forget to RSVP for class!!

CF WODs: 5,6,8,9am 4pm, 5:30pm No Noon Class Today!

Bootcamp: 6am (Bootcamp WODs can be done during any CF WOD time)

BC for Ryde: 7:15am

Accelerated Sports Performance & Oly: 6:30pm

Open Gym: 6:30pm-7:30pm


Strength1 - 5 x 3 Hang Squat Snatch

Strength2 - 5 x 5 Snatch Push Press



10 Med Ball Burpees 20/14

10 Med Ball Cleans 20/14

100M Run w/Med Ball 20/14



Skill - For time:

5-4-3-2-1 Ring Rows

1-2-3-4-5 KB Swings 53/35



5 Pullups

10 Pushups

20 Hollow Rocks


WOW (Workout of the Week)


5 rds for time

Run 800M

30 KB Swings 70/53

30 Pullups

WOD-July 5-2015

Don't forget to RSVP!!

Open Gym: 8:30am-11am

No Boxing Today!!


For time

25 Walking Lunges

20 Pullups

50 Box Jumps 24/20

20 DUs

25 Ring Dips

20 K2E

30 KB Swings 70/53

30 Situps

20 DB HSC 35/20

25 Hip Extensions(can do Supermans if GHD occupied)

30 Wall Balls 20/14

3 Rope Climbs

WOD-July 4-2015

Happy July 4th!!!

Gym is closed today

WOD-July 3-2015

CF WODs: 5,6,8,9am 12pm, 4pm, 5:30pm

Bootcamp: 6am(Bootcamp WODs can be done during any CF WOD time)

BC for Ryde: 7:15


Skill-4x50M Sled Push/10 Reverse Burpees

Strength-EMOM 10

Even min-1 Rope Climb(Adv: Legless)

Odd min-1 Split Jerk behind neck(work to max)


"Karen with a run"

For time

150 Wall Balls 20/14*

*Every time you break run 200M



Skill-Same as CF


For time

Run 400M

20 DB Push Press 40/25

Run 300M

25 DB Push Press

Run 200M

30 DB Push Press

Run 100M

35 DB Push Press

WOD-July 2-2015

Don't forget to RSVP for class!!

CF WODs: 5,6,8,9am 4pm, 5:30pm

Bootcamp: 6am(Bootcamp WODs can be done during any CF WOD time)

BC for Ryde: 7:15am

NO 6:30pm OPEN GYM!


Skill-3x{30 sec-Hollow Rock Holds/30 sec Superman Holds)


Front Squats

2x5@60% of max




Back Squats

2x6@65% of max




For time

50 DUs

40 Thrusters 75/55

30 Situps(Adv: GHD)

20 Burpee Pullups

10 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65

Rest 2 mins

...then 8xTabata Row for Cals



Skill-AMRAP 4-DUs



50 OH Sledge Strikes

100 Foot Exchange(2-ct)

50 Sledge Tamps

100 Foot Exchange(2-ct)

WOD-July 1-2015

Don't forget to RSVP for class!!

CF WODs: 5,6,8,9am 12pm 4pm, 5:30pm

Bootcamp: 6am(Bootcamp WODs can be done during any CF WOD time)

BC for Ryde: 7:15am

Accelerated Sports Performance & Oly: 6:30pm

Open Gym: 6:30pm-7:30pm


Skill-Pull-up Development Program - 3 reps

Strength-EMOM 10

Pause Snatch Balance

1x Snatch Balance w/3 sec pause at bottom (work to max)


20 Ring Rows

800M Run

15 Ring Rows

400M Run

10 Ring Rows

200M Run

5 Ring Rows

....then 10 Manmakers 40/25



Partner Skill-Partner Burpees-2xWall-Wall&Back

Partner WOD-*

3 rds for time{

Frog Jump(Wall-Wall)

10 1-arm snatches 40/25

Partners switch and perform movements listed above


Bear Walk(Wall-Wall)

10 Tuck Jumps

Partners switch and perform movements listed above}

*non-working partner is in plank hold

WOD-June 30-2015

Don't forget to RSVP for class!!

CF WODs: 5,6,8,9am 4pm 5:30pm

Bootcamp: 6am(Bootcamp WODs can be done during any CF WOD time)

BC for Ryde: 7:15am

Boxing: 6pm(1.5 hour class)

Open Gym: 6:30pm-7:30pm


Skill1-4x25 Ab Sliders

Skill2-3x10 T2B(Adv: Hold med ball between your legs)

Skill3-4x25 Slam SItups 20/14


Do "Isabel" -30 Snatches 135/95 for time then with remaining time AMAP DUs



Skill1-4x25 Ab Sliders

Skill2-4x25 Slam SItups 20/14



20 Russian Twists(2-ct)

10 Terminators(4-ct)

20 V-Ups

10 Mtn Climbers(2-ct)


All, We need all members to RSVP for class!

For any class, particularly 12pm and 6:30pm, if we have no one listed as attending the class, we will not have coaches no class.

We have a similar need for the busy classes. We should not have 4 people RSVPd and end up with 10-12 people.

You can's not that hard.

Please RSVP at least 1-2 hours prior to class...NOT 10 mins before class.
Thank you!!


Membership Payment Update

All, for your membership payments, if you have not already done so please get setup on Autopay with a credit/debit card. Much less hassle for you and I.

We are permanently offering the 1st 30 days at $45 for a new member so please encourage your friends to try us out.

There may still be confusion on the price of the 10 session option. As of December 1st, the 10 session option increased to $65. The 10 sessions option is good for 2 months. We also have added 2 x per month for $60.

For anyone that falls under the Unlimited Discounted option: the monthly fee is $80.

If you have questions regarding pricing, please see Coach LuAnn.


January/February 2015 Members of the Month -         Julie & Pat Lonergan



  1. Why did you choose CrossFit?

Back in 2009 I was looking to improve my running times so I researched functional strength training programs and had heard a lot about CrossFit. I met Heather Carlson around the same time and she had CrossFit experience from the box in Iowa City. We began doing various CrossFit workouts including a LOT of Fran at the YWCA as the box wasn’t open yet. As soon as the box opened, we both joined and loved it!

  1. Why/how does CrossFit works better for you than previous gyms or programs you were involved with?

The community at CrossFit is like none other. When you go to a traditional gym there isn’t much interaction as everyone is doing their own thing. CrossFit WODS are designed for everyone to be completing the same workouts at the same time and what comes from that is this awesome competitive yet supportive dynamic.

  1. What are the main benefits of CrossFit?

For me CrossFit has helped my mental toughness. I’ve applied some of the hardest WODs and the mental toughness it took to get through those workouts to some of my tough cardio training workouts. I’d tuck away those tough WOD’s to help get me through the wall of running or complete longer bike rides, etc. There is no question that CrossFit has also increased my physical strength as well.

  1. What makes CrossFit unique?

CrossFit does a great job of mixing up workouts so you never feel like you’re repeating the same boring workouts day to day. I’ve never felt so physically fatigued completing a tough 10min. AMRAP vs hours of cardio training. It’s such a great way to get an incredible workout in without spending all day at the gym.

  1. How has CrossFit changed their life (physically, emotionally, socially, etc.)

KQCF has become like a family to Pat and I. When we have both competed in races it’s awesome having so many members of the box reach out to us to let us know they were thinking of us, cheering us on, etc. LuAnn has been an incredible role model for both of us and has become an amazing friend not to mention a coach who continues to push us and encourage us to max out our physical and life goals. There have been times that I’ve taken breaks from CF to focus more on triathlons or running but I’m always drawn back to CF and feel like I haven’t skipped a beat when I return. We love KQCF!!

1. Why did you choose CrossFit? - Julie got me turned on to it. She told me I would love the atmosphere and style of workout.


2. Why/how does CrossFit works better for you than previous gyms or programs you were involved with? I competed in competitive athletics right up to when our second daughter was born. Adopting a different schedule, the team sports didn't fit into my schedule any longer. I got bored just doing cardio and/or lifting weights. CrossFit fills my need to stay fit/healthy without being boring. If anyone ever says CrossFit is boring they are doing it wrong! Also, it filled my desire to still compete. The competition is with myself and pushing myself to see if I can best other times from the day and the people I am working out with. The competition at CrossFit is friendly. Everyone is encouraging everyone else to do their best. For me it keeps me functionally strong, my cardio stays in great form even when I haven't gone out to run during the cold spells. It adds in the competitive piece that I crave.


3. What are the main benefits of CrossFit? The main benefit for me other than the physical and competitive aspect that I love about CrossFit is that it helps condition me mentally for life. I feel like I grind out CrossFit workouts and it isn't that different than sticking to it and grinding work out in my business, working on my relationships with my wife and kids as well as working on developing my relationship with Jesus. It is fun to look back at a job well done that wasn't easy to come by. Rarely do the good things in life come easy. CrossFit helps with that mental toughness to keep grinding it out no matter what comes my way in life.


4. What makes CrossFit unique? I touched on a lot of the benefits above but for me it is also the CrossFit community that is great to be a part of. Everyone supports everyone else and anyone can do CrossFit. I love that every day we have people at the gym that can fall into any of these categories: are 300lbs+, over 60, under 20, male, female, completely fit, totally out of shape and up to a month ago had never lifted a weight before.


5. How has CrossFit changed their life (physically, emotionally, socially, etc.) I'm stronger both physically and mentally than I was before CrossFit. I also have a lot of fit friends from the gym.




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